Animal Control

Board of Selectmen

Susan Young, Chair (2021)

Carleton Robie, Vice-Chair (2020)

Boyd Chivers (2021)

Russell Dann (2019)

Scott Komisarek (2019)

Andria Hansen, Administrative Assistant (Appointed)

  (Notary, Justice of the Peace)

Donna Becker, Accounting & Payroll Specialist (Appointed)

Budget Committee

Allyn Chivers, Chair (2021)

Bob Stout, Vice-Chair (2019)

Katrina K Niles, Secretary (2020)

Susan Gill (2019)

Jodi Hedstrom (2020)

Todd Keating (2020)

Richard Snow (2021)

Susan Young, Selectmen Representative (Appointed)

Russell Dann, Selectmen Representative Alternate (Appointed)

Stephanie Helmig, School Board Representative (Appointed)

Dana Buckley, School Board Representative Alternate (Appointed)

Building Inspector

Dave Murray, Building Inspector (Appointed)

Andrea Bickum, Administrative Assistant (Appointed)

Candia Central Village Zoning Steering Committee

Colleen Bolton, Master Plan Steering Committee

Rob Jones, Candia Youth Athletic Association

Carleton Robie, Planning Board

Betty Sabean, At-Large

Richard Snow, At-Large

Jeff Sysyn, Local Business Owner

Matt Woodrow, School Board

Cemetery Sexton

Martin McFarland, Cemetery Sexton

Cemetery Trustees

Holly Haas, Chair (2021)

Lorraine Meuse, Bookkeeper (2019)

Tom DiMaggio (2019)

Carleton Robie (2020)

Richard Snow (2020)

Martin McFarland, Cemetery Sexton

Donna DelRosso, Administrative Staff (Appointed)

Conservation Commission

Susan Wilderman, Chairperson (2020)

Judi Lindsey, Vice-Chair (2019)

Ellie Davidson, Treasurer (2021)

Elizabeth Kruse (2019)

Dennis Lewis (2020)

( Vacant ) (2018)

( Vacant ) (2019)

Richard Snow, Alternate (2018)

Donna DelRosso, Recording Secretary

Emergency Management

Robert Panit, Emergency Management Director (Appointed)

Fire Department

For a list of current personnel, visit Fire Department Personnel page.

Fitts Museum Trustees

Pat Larkin (Appointed)

Janet Lewis (Appointed)

Linda Maxwell (Appointed)

Ron Severino (Appointed)

Brenda Stevens (Appointed)

Food Pantry

Candia Community Woman's Club

Donna DelRosso, Welfare Director

Health Department

Dave Murray, Health Officer (Appointed)

Henry W. Moore School

For more information, visit Henry W. Moore School website.

Heritage Commission

Diane Philbrick, Chair

Betty Sabean, Vice-Chair

Carmelle Druchniak, Secretary

Lorraine Briand

Ray Cresswell

Carol Howe

Holly Haas, Alternate

Russell Dann, Selectmen Representative (Appointed)

Land Use Office

Andrea Bickum, Administrative Assistant (Appointed)

For more information, see Planning Board Directory listing.


Clark Thyng (2019)

Parks and Recreation

Susan Young (Appointed)

Planning Board

Rudy Cartier, Chair (2020)

Albert Hall III, Vice-Chair (2019)

Joyce Bedard (2020)

Mark Chalbeck (2021)

Kenneth Kustra (2019)

Judi Lindsey (2021)

Michael Santa, Alternate (2020)

Scott Komisarek, Selectmen Representative

Boyd Chivers, Selectmen Representative Alternate

Andrea Bickum, Administrative Assistant (Appointed)

Police Department

Michael McGillen, Police Chief (Appointed)

Scott Gallagher, Lieutenant (Appointed)

Richard Langlois, Officer (Appointed)

Kevin Mahoney, Officer (Appointed)

Tom Terilli, Officer (Appointed)

Ken McCarron, Officer, Part-time (Appointed)

Shawn Santuccio, Officer, Part-time (Appointed)

Deb Martel, Animal Control Officer

Karen Merchant, Administrative Assistant (Appointed)

  (Justice of the Peace)

Recycling & Energy Committee

Clayton Caddy, Chair

Linda Bergeron

Al Couch

Cinny Griswold

Gail Thompson

Russell Dann, Selectmen Representative

Recycling Center

Chuck Whitcher, Facility Operator (Appointed)

Nick Broadwater, Operator (Appointed)

Joe Lamarche, Operator (Appointed)

Paul Rogers, Operator (Appointed)

Road Agent

Dennis Lewis (2020)

School Board

For more information, visit Henry W. Moore School Board website.

Selectmen's Office

Andria Hansen, Administrative Assistant (Appointed)

  (Notary, Justice of the Peace)

Donna Becker, Accounting & Payroll Specialist (Appointed)

For more information, see Board of Selectmen Directory listing.

Smyth Memorial Building Trustees

Carla Penfield, Chair (Appointed)

Al Couch (Appointed)

Linda Maxwell (Appointed)

Diane Philbrick (Appointed)

Carleton Robie (Appointed)

Smyth Public Library

Heidi Deacon, Librarian

Smyth Public Library Trustees

Carol West, Chair (Appointed)

Micah Fultz (Appointed)

Albert Hall III (Appointed)

Brittany Joas (Appointed)

Deborah Marion, Treasurer (Appointed)

Lisa McKenna, Secretary (Appointed)

Richard Mitchell (Appointed)

Deb Spezzaferri (Appointed)

Allyn Chivers, Public Representative (2020)

Supervisors of the Checklist

Candice Stamatelos, Chair (2022)

Janet Wilderman (2020)

Eileen Dupere (2024)

Tax Collector

Candice Stamatelos (2019)

Vivian Sysyn, Deputy (Appointed)

Town Clerk

Christine Dupere, Town Clerk (2020)

  (Notary, Justice of the Peace)

Donna Hetzel, Deputy (Appointed)


Kathleen Philbrick (2019)

Janet Lewis, Deputy (Appointed)

Trustees of the Trust Funds

Carla Penfield, Chairperson (2019)

Albert Hall III, Treasurer (2020)

Dennis Hebert, Jr (2021)

Geraldine Holmes, Administrative Associate (Appointed)


Catherine Sangillo, Town Webmaster

Welfare Department

Donna DelRosso, Welfare Director (Appointed)

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Bob Petrin, Chairman (2021)

Judith Szot, Vice-Chair (2019)

Ingrid Byrd (2021)

Boyd Chivers (2020)

Ron Howe (2021)

Mark Raumikaitis (2021)

Andrea Bickum, Administrative Assistant (Appointed)

Zoning Review and Revision Committee

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