Helpful hints for residents about snow plows and winter road safety

Helpful hints from the Candia Highway Department:  A few simple things that you can do to make the Highway Department’s job more efficient and the roads safer for all.

  • Please reduce speed and yield to approaching snow plows on the road. Do not follow too closely behind the plow trucks, as they may back up at intersections and not be able to see you there.
  • Passing plow trucks can be dangerous as the plow driver needs to pull out for telephone poles and mailboxes. It is hard to watch the object they are trying to avoid and the passing vehicle at the same time!
  • Do not plow your snow onto, along, or across the road. This removes the sand and salt on the roadway, causing potential hazards for other motorists. More often than not, another complete trip around the entire town for the plow trucks is required, when we thought we were finished with the storm.
  • Do not park any type of vehicle within 10 feet of the roadway.
  • Do not run snowmobiles or four-wheeler ATVs on the roads when it is snowing. This only packs it down and makes it very difficult to plow.
  • When installing snowplow markers, be sure to keep them a least 2 feet off the pavement so that we can push the snow off of the road. Understandably no one wants their lawn damaged. The plow drivers do their best not to do any damage. However, in snowy winters we do need room to put the snow.
  • Please remove all basketball hoops, flower pots, and other items from the edge of the road. Some of the smaller objects get covered with snow and cannot be seen. Subsequently, they may get damaged by the plow.

THANK YOU!  Your cooperation is appreciated in helping to keep our roads safe and reducing the cost of winter road maintenance.

Source: Road Agent

Category: Town Hall News

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