Beware of recent scams targeting the elderly


The Candia Police Department continues to receive complaints from elderly residents, advising that they received a “scam” phone call coming from either a private or unknown number.  These calls involve a subject claiming to be the grandchild of the elderly victim.  The suspect calls the victim using the actual name of the victim’s grandchild who requests and indicates that:

  1. They were just involved in an accident or have been arrested and needs money
  2. The subject then puts his “attorney” on the line, who claims the same story

So far, our residents have been very smart and asked personal information from the caller.  Upon hearing this, the callers immediately hang up.  We urge elderly residents to never give out personal or financial information.  We are also asking any resident who has an elderly relative to talk with them about phone scams and advise them to never give out personal information and to simply hang up.


We’ve also had a couple of calls regarding employment ads on the website, Craigslist.  Residents are answering on-line ads for employment concerning healthcare or home healthcare.  The resident e-mails the Craigslist advertiser and expresses interest in their ad.  The scammer then e-mails them back and informs them that they’ve been hired and will receive an “up-front” check.  These checks are fake.

If you have any questions or need to report a scam, please call the Candia Police Department at 483-2318.

Source: Police Department

Category: Candia Police Notices

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